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Mondo Tees have producing some fantastic original Star Wars artwork in the last year. This depicts a different point of view of a classic scene. 

I absolutely loved the Scott PIlgrim movie this summer. I was lucky enough to happen across this poster today. You can visit the artist’s page, Joe Bowen’s Art Blog, here. Enjoy!

My friend Drew has written a poem about our most favorite Jedi. You can check it out at

Just follow the link if you want to see geeky cuteness.

Wookie the Pooh

I didn’t watch all of this because, frankly, alot of it is terrible.
Star Wars Uncut

I just happened to randomly visit and saw this video. I almost had a nerdgasm.

I don’t feel so bad about buying multiple copies of the original trilogy now. This is great that George is giving back.

Ever wanted your own R2 unit packed full of nifty tools? Now you can have one, but smaller. Gizmodo has an article about an R2-D2 toolkit that is packed full of cool stuff like a utility saw and a mechanical gripper plus more.


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