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The last time  I was fortunate enough to visit Disneyworld I did get to see the Jedi training presentation but Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers were the only characters in the show. It looks like they have added Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano (nerd squeal)


I had no idea what a quiet book was before doing  my Star Wars deep dive on Google; I had to look it up at the quiet book blog. Quiet books look like a fun and creative projects for parents and kids.

Julie, the blog’s author, has cool activities like piece C3P0 back together:

Fix C3P0

and try on your cool new robot hand:

Luke’s robot hand

You can buy the Star Wars kit here among other genre kits.

Jedi Quiet book

If Darth Vader lost his light saber,  he would use this Katana. Sith approved.


A Bothan spy has captured the interior of the Millennium Falcon on the set of Episode VII. You will notice it is scruffy lookin and fit for a nerf herder.


Leaked Millennium Falcon photos from set of Episode Vii


Lifelong Star Wars fan, DC Barnes, was surprised to find out that he was chosen for a set visit and small role in Episode VII.


Star Wars Fan wins role in Episode VII


The more footage I see of Star Wars: Rebels the more I get excited. Admittedly, the tone of the show skews more towards a kid audience than “The Clone Wars” did but I think there is something here for every generation of Star Wars fan. Rebels hasa an old school feel but offers a great jumping on point for new fans since the entire main cast is unfamiliar to us all.

Rebels is set to air in October of 2014

Mark Hamill is looking very Jedi.

Mondo Tees have producing some fantastic original Star Wars artwork in the last year. This depicts a different point of view of a classic scene. 

I absolutely loved the Scott PIlgrim movie this summer. I was lucky enough to happen across this poster today. You can visit the artist’s page, Joe Bowen’s Art Blog, here. Enjoy!